De ziua mea, îmi pun telefonul pe silent. Normal că-mi place să primesc mesaje, dar tot ce-mi doresc o dată pe an e să nu vorbesc la telefon.
Abia după Birdman mi-am dat seama că nu mi-a plăcut nici un film regizat de Iñárritu. Babel – rip-off după...
Another round of 5 poems landed in the magic-making hands of 5 local artists: Ana Bănică, Adelina Butnaru, George Roșu, Ruxandra Șerbănoiu and Yanna Zosmer received the poems via e-mail only a week ago and sent them back to me as heart-warming illustrations.
It's been quite a while, but here they are: a new round of 5 favorite poems illustrated by 5 lovely local artists. Carina Davidoiu, Cristina Frei, Alina Marinescu, Alexandra Mocanu and Biliana Velikova received the poems via e-mail only a few days ago and sent them back to me as wonderful illustrations.
It’s World Poetry Day today and less than a week ago I decided to make yet another stressful appearance in the inboxes of my fellow illustrators. In a sugar rush, I asked 5 friends if they were interested in making some super quick drawings inspired by… poems.
5 poems I love recently landed in the magic-making hands of 5 local illustrators. Wanda, Dragoș, Anna, Andreea and Daia hosted the poems in their hearts for a week and now we're sending them into the world as delightful illustrations.
Trec anii și nu te-ntorci acolo, ce rost are, oricum ne-auzim și ne vedem ca și cum am fi aproape,...
Am primit cel mai frumos cadou, tocmai de la Timișoara. L-am luat în brațe, l-am dezvelit de bubble wrap, l-am...
Copil care aleargă în fața blocului și tată care-l amenință cacofonic de la geam de o oră: dacă cazi, treci în casă!
"Well, sir, there was an old woman up in her years whose only companion was a beautiful pear tree. It grew at the door to her cabin. But when the pears were ripe, the neighborhood boys came and taunted her and stole the fruit. They were driving her to the end of her wits.