Ode to boredom

Illustration © Irina Dobrescu

I’m in a very complicated relationship with time. I was not born a digital citizen, but I’ve grown into one, as all my peers have, inevitably (those born in the ’80s & ’90s). Hell, I only came to meet the wonders of cable television when I was 8 yo: I remember waiting and waiting for the BEST toy commercial ever, which fortunately never came, because if it did, the tv would’ve suffered a lethal dissection – to get the BEST toy out, duh.
Even before cable television (which was the defining event in the course of my?/our? education), I hated it when we went to the middle of nowhere, in the countryside, where the only available world was the palpable one, the one *limited* to an enormous farmstead. Back then, as a child (& a teen), I thought I’ve had my share of silence, solitude and boredom for a thousand lifetimes, silence, solitude and boredom were never supposed to be longed for, not ever:
I was going to live in a big city!
Because big cities come with endless *possibilities*. There’s always something you can do, somewhere you can go, there’s always something you must do, somewhere you must go. Pretty much like our nowadays necessary virtual neighborhoods, big cities are the realms where boredom has been exterminated.
And human nature strikes again: just like we long for summer during winter, and wish for snowmen around us during hot summer days, in a perpetual discontent with our present situation, I now dream of no-signal realms, I dream of boredom, of silence and of solitude. Boredom is the privilege we can hardly afford in our big city life, where time is definitely not by our side.

Look at me, typing scrambled sentences into my phone at midnight, after a long day spent in the lovely presence of digital administrative tools, lines and tables and e-mails, imprisoned in my home office by a lack of vital bathing water, oh #bucharestmonamour.
Anyway: it all started with a stock update for @studioreceptor, where, yes, this tiny (10×10 cm), adorable watercolor illustration signed by Irina Dobrescu will soon be up for grabs. I love it to bits.


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