Typically Belgian, this city has a special place for street art in its heart. We didn't get to hunt for specific murals, but we enjoyed some majestic casual encounters.
Physically, Heimat is a Cabinet of Wonder. A Wunderkammer. A collection of wonderful drawings, handwritten diary-like entries, old photos, postcards, official documents - all interlaced to give birth to a flawless visual performance.
O carte ilustrată și cusută de ea, cu un mulțumesc-alfabet: mașinuță, umbră, lanternă, țânțar, ureche, munți, elice, scaun, casă 💙
Finding relatable behaviours and characters and situations always strike me with an oxymoronic mix of relief, sadness, and humour. A phew, I’m not the only one. An oh, boy, this world is screwed.
A flower without a name is a weed; a flower with a Latin name is somehow raised to a state of dignity. If a nettle grows on your bed, label it ‟Urtica dioica,” and you will respect it; you will even loosen the soil for it, and manure it with saltpetre.”
E un sunet neplăcut / Scârțâit, țipat, urât, / Ne produce neplăcere / Și-n ureche, chiar durere. / (lutomogZ)
Înainte să-l cunosc pe Vali Petridean, am citit un text descriptiv (despre el) de vreo 3 ori, învârtindu-mă în jurul poveștii lui ca țăranul lui Preda în jurul girafei: așa ceva nu există!
Prietenii mei super pasionați și talentați, Bianca Dumitrașcu și Sorin Trăistaru, și-au unit puterile și încep propăvăduirea sfintelor taine ale Lettering-ului și Caligrafiei printre pământeni.
I first thought about writing this article 4 years ago, when I was freshly welcomed into the Visual Playground family. But I thought, as one does, that maybe my list would be perceived as patronizing or (hopefully) redundant – as it was supposed to mark mostly common sense advice.
I'm in a very complicated relationship with time. I was not born a digital citizen, but I've grown into one, as all my peers have, inevitably (those born in the '80s & '90s).