The secret to never getting bored:

never ever get bored:
be more Marc.
When there aren’t enough stories around (because grown-ups get tired and he doesn’t know how to read yet), he makes them up.
Yesterday we travelled by train from London to New York and back a hundred times, wandered around parks, befriended random policemen, fed the ducks on Thames, read about friendly city ghosts, found out all male giraffes are named James and all female giraffes are named Margaret at the Bronx zoo, and got a little altitude sickness at the top of the Empire State Building, but then treated it with some ice cream on a crowded street.

Also, saw a royal wedding happening at Buckingham Palace and apparently we needed to crash it:

Marc: Whom do you want to marry?
Me: Umm. You! Do you?
Marc: Oh, ugh, ok.

Then we got married at the palace and went on a trip to Italy (he didn’t really want to take me with him…). 1h later, after learning all the secret corners of the two pop-up books:
Marc: I have an idea!
Me: ?
Marc: Let’s get married one more time!
And so we did, for one more party at the palace.

One more thing. Very important thing:

This is Code Green.

Marc revealed the meaning of color codes yesterday, after showing us his Thunder moves (a song by Imagine Dragons).
So here they are for everybody to know and for us to remember:
1. Code Green – all is well, all is perfect.
2. Code Yellow – most is well, some is bad.
3. Code Orange – some is well, most is bad.
4. Code Red – all is bad, all is dreadful.

So what?


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