Pauză, poză, poezie, poeseu

Ieri am publicat ilustrațiile pentru poeziile lunii, azi trimit newsletterul pe care-l termin imediat, dar imediat după ce mai citesc o dată cel mai frumos poeseu peste care-am dat în ultima vreme.
M-am uitat la autor și am găsit-o pe Patricia Lockwood și doar ce-mi pusesem la cap Priestdaddy-ul ei, ce serendipity (încă citesc memoirs only, nu prea pot ficțiune de ceva timp).

Mic pasaj din comoară:

How Do We Write Now?

“The alternate title of this, of course, is how the fuck do we write now.

Just as the customary greeting of hello has been replaced with what the fuck is going on, and you grab your friend’s arm almost against your will and shake her a little bit and say no seriously, what the fuck is happening.

Just as your face has been replaced by a question mark immediately followed by an exclamation mark immediately followed by another question mark.

Just as your heart has been replaced by what happens to a bunch of seagulls when a dog comes running down the beach.

Just as your blood now carries in its current the Jaws theme.

Just as some days I put my bra on inside-out and it seems too hard to fix so I just sit there staring at the news in an inside-out bra.

Just as whenever you read one of those super-positive Lin-Manuel Miranda tweets that’s like


you picture the president reading it and nodding and thinking, he’s talking about me.

That your attention is in one sense the most precious part of you, it is your soul spending yourself, to teach you that there’s always more.”

Cadou ceramic de la Alexandra Mîrzac <3


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