Zine: readtube

Another quick zine I managed to put together a few days ago: it’s called “readtube”. Degenerative aesthetics marked on paper with cheap fluoro wax pastels.

It’s an accordion-folded episode, set in an imaginary tube with lonely commuters who are sad while reading the news on their phones, or from magazines, or from their neighbors’ papers.
The last passenger is also part of the shocking daily news:
Miyazaki’s No-Face (initially disguised as a nun) is holding a freshly kidnapped baby Jesus.
Many questions arise: is No-Face becoming a better character by picking up baby Jesus’ character traits? Is baby Jesus inherently good? Are babies born good or evil? Or they become more or less one or the other through their parents’ care and because of the environment they grow up in? Was Rousseau right when he said we’re born “perfect idiots”? Or Hobbes, describing baby humans as “selfish brutes”? Where does morality come from? When does morality come? Is today Saturday?


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