Another round of 5 poems landed in the magic-making hands of 5 local artists: Ana Bănică, Adelina Butnaru, George Roșu, Ruxandra Șerbănoiu and Yanna Zosmer received the poems via e-mail only a week ago and sent them back to me as heart-warming illustrations.
It’s World Poetry Day today and less than a week ago I decided to make yet another stressful appearance in the inboxes of my fellow illustrators. In a sugar rush, I asked 5 friends if they were interested in making some super quick drawings inspired by… poems.
5 poems I love recently landed in the magic-making hands of 5 local illustrators. Wanda, Dragoș, Anna, Andreea and Daia hosted the poems in their hearts for a week and now we're sending them into the world as delightful illustrations.
Ieri am publicat ilustrațiile pentru poeziile lunii, azi trimit newsletterul pe care-l termin imediat, dar imediat după ce mai citesc o dată cel mai frumos poeseu peste care-am dat în ultima vreme.