I did everything for you

Dominique Goblet takes your heart in her hands and turns it into a tennis ball. One second you’re up in the air, feeling nothing at all, almost non-existing. The next, you’re hitting the floor at the speed of a peregrine falcon, feeling everything at once.

Dominique’s memoir, “Pretending is lying“, happened to be on the shelves of the bookshop a couple of days ago. Vlad put it in my arms.
I was feeling tired and worried and not-in-the-mood and I-don’t-have-time-for-anything-right-now. But I opened it and then I couldn’t leave without it.

Got home late in the night and started reading. Finished it in tears at 4 am.
Parents, kids, significant others – just people and moments our lives are made of. How we grow apart, while we never really grow up: there’s always a monster under the bed, isn’t there?

The artwork is hauntingly beautiful and the words, man, the words. They just rip you apart and open cuts you’d long thought closed. I needed a whole day after just to sew myself back and be able to get out of the house with actual eyes instead of black holes.


Branea called to ask me a few things about a small upcoming show and that’s when I learned he was stuck with the book as well. He visited Vlad and was surprised to find himself facing the graphic memoir of a woman he’d met a while ago. I definitely have to dig this story.


A friend of Vlad once told him:

“You’ve offered me the most precious treasure: the books I’d bought from you are friends that are always waiting for me at home.”

Aunt Misery


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