Orice asemănare cu persoane sau fapte reale nu este deloc întâmplătoare. Adevărul e că n-o să pot să înghit niciodată terminologia rudeniei prin alianță.
I guess this is who we are now....
Making him pancakes in the middle of the day just to take my mind off caca design competitions did not...
Sewing is not as easy as seen on YouTube tutorials, not at all, and getting a piece done well is rewarding enough to keep me jumping through other stressful activities for weeks.
Copil care aleargă în fața blocului și tată care-l amenință cacofonic de la geam de o oră: dacă cazi, treci în casă!
Another quick zine I managed to put together a few days ago: it’s called “readtube”. Degenerative aesthetics marked on paper with cheap fluoro wax pastels.
Slowly stepping over to the weird side of the isolation sketchbook. Don't judge, be silly.
I guess freedom is pretty much about doing stuff we don't know anything about and being surprised at the results, any results. Because when you do something you're not supposed to be good at, there are no expectations, there is no shame around the corner.
We are not alone.