Back in September, I was part of an audience interested in listening to the most cherished Dutch graphic designer - Irma Boom, discuss about books with a couple of wonderful guests.
Making him pancakes in the middle of the day just to take my mind off caca design competitions did not...
Slowly stepping over to the weird side of the isolation sketchbook. Don't judge, be silly.
I guess this is who we are now....
Typically Belgian, this city has a special place for street art in its heart. We didn't get to hunt for specific murals, but we enjoyed some majestic casual encounters.
Physically, Heimat is a Cabinet of Wonder. A Wunderkammer. A collection of wonderful drawings, handwritten diary-like entries, old photos, postcards, official documents - all interlaced to give birth to a flawless visual performance.
Finding relatable behaviours and characters and situations always strike me with an oxymoronic mix of relief, sadness, and humour. A phew, I’m not the only one. An oh, boy, this world is screwed.
A flower without a name is a weed; a flower with a Latin name is somehow raised to a state of dignity. If a nettle grows on your bed, label it ‟Urtica dioica,” and you will respect it; you will even loosen the soil for it, and manure it with saltpetre.”
Prietenii mei super pasionați și talentați, Bianca Dumitrașcu și Sorin Trăistaru, și-au unit puterile și încep propăvăduirea sfintelor taine ale Lettering-ului și Caligrafiei printre pământeni.